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Prompt 1: Eugenics and Disability

Look up the gene-editing protein CRISPR. Do you think this tool might pose a threat to disabled people? Why or why not? What ethical rules should be put in place to prevent possible dangers?

Ethical Debate around CRISPR Technology

Difference vs Disease: A Question of Eugenics?

Prompt 2: Thinking about Disability Medically

The belief that disability is just a medical problem is very popular. Many non-disabled people, for instance, only acknowledge disabled people when they “overcome” their impairment to do something that seems impossible. Why do you think that is?

I'm Not your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much

Prompt 3: Thinking of Disabled people as Charity Cases

Do you think there’s a way to create a non-profit that helps disabled people without belittling them? What would its mission be? How would it raise money? What’s your solution?

Examples of Self-Advocacy Nonprofits:

Prompt 4: When Society Causes Disability

Use the links below to learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. How has this law helped reduce discrimination against disabled people? Do you think the ADA provides enough protection for disabled people, or can we do more? Why or why not?

What the ADA does and doesn’t do

Myths and facts about the ADA

Prompt 5: Disability Pride and Intersectionality

What is disability pride? Why do you think that most disabled people prefer being called “disabled” rather than “different?”

What to Call a Disabled Person